Westontwerp is a graphic design agency with personal roots in the Caribbean. The designers started out in The Netherlands in 1992 and returned to Curaçao in 2007.

Westontwerp creates visual identities and brands. We use our experience and creativity to convert complex information into a clear visual language thus creating a distinguishing identity that tells your corporate story.

visualising your corporate story

A strong and consistent corporate identity increases brand awareness, strengthens the identification with the organization – internal and external – and clarifies the distinction relative to the competition. Recognition and identification makes it easier for the audience to make a choice and to build relationship with the brand.

we work for

Clients Overheid Curaçao / Maduro & Curiel’s Bank / Citizens Insurance / Overheid Suriname / STAS Suriname / Tumult uitgeverij / Ennia Insurance / Blokker Boekhandel Tetterode Glasobjecten / Louis La Rooy / Wintroph Curiel Fonds / Economische Zaken, Curaçao Banco di Caribe / Algemeen Pensioenfonds Curaçao / Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland / Curaçao Airport Holding / EcoEnergy / EBS Suriname / Social Lemons / Fooks / Cinderella Shoes / Canadian Stocks / Superconfex / Albert Heijn.


A beautifully designed visual identity doesn’t just support a brand; it elevates it.


Patterns can be found all over corporate design, web design and packaging.

They’re an amazing way to build and strengthen brand identity and style.