Issuing a well-designed Annual report is an excellent way

to get attention. It's the way to tell your corporate story.



Annual reports don't have to be dull. With clear infographics and tables they can be made transparent in a modern and playful way.



An Annual Report can be a responsive website, so that it is mobile available or as a PDF on Issuu. Or printed on special paper.


Westontwerp will gladly inform you about the various possibilities.



We’d love hearing from you. Give us a call and we can chat about your needs.


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    Westontwerp designs and develops distinctive and creative visual communication > Logo design & corporate identity, art direction, typography, advertising campaigns, communication quick-scan, annual reports, webdesign, (interactive) forms, brochures, (digital) magazines, banner ads, (digital) presentations, DTP and monitoring production (print and web development).